Sator Press is a nonprofit publishing company founded by Ken Baumann in 2009. Its madness: produce and promote challenging literature, and do so slowly and sustainably. Its method: Ken reads, edits, designs, publishes, promotes, sells, and ships its books. Sator Press is operated out of Ken's garage in Santa Fe, and is dedicated to Barney Rosset, may he rest in endless creative hustle. (For the indie bookstore + indie press list, click here.)


Confessions from a Dark Wood by Eric Raymond

Meet Nick, a hapless pawn in the world of global capital brand management consultancy. And his girlfriend Sadie Parish, the first domestic suicide bomber. And his boss, emperor of bullshit, Pontius J. LaBar. And PJ's dreaded orangutan. Their story is a hilarious, heartbreaking, painfully smart satire that guides you through the high dollar swamps of modern industry. Or: click here for more about the book.

The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover by Mark Leidner

A collection of aphorisms and collages by the Southern Buddha of Twitter. Each page of this book has caught me for hours and hours. Read it and be welcomed to the family reunion of Mark's relentlessly beautiful—and lucid, and funny, and fucked up—wisdoms. Or: click here for more about the book.

The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney by Christopher Higgs

Marvin K. Mooney, the enigmatic philosopher, has vanished. But we're left with his work: wild, confessional, encyclopedic, destructive texts that call into question Marvin's identity. Who is Marvin K. Mooney? And what has Christopher Higgs done with him? Only you, as our reader, can find out. Or: click here for more about the book.



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